Photo of Ariel Kanable

Ariel Kanable, ’16, writes, “I never imagined where my Concordia internship would take me! My internship with the Washington County Visitors Association (WCVA) led not only to my Outstanding Graduate of the Year award for the School of Management’s business intern but also to a full-time position right after graduation. I have been with the WCVA for over a year now as their Tourism Development Coordinator helping to market and promote tourism in Oregon’s Washington County. Some of what this job entails is administering our Capital Grant Program, full-scale production of our photo/video shoot series, new and current hotel information/communication, and planning and assisting local and organizational events. Outside of the WCVA, I volunteer with the nonprofit Passport Oregon, which connects youth from underserved communities with Oregon’s great outdoors. I work as the volunteer coordinator to help recruit, retain, schedule, and inform volunteers for our seasons of cohort trips. The goal is to help empower, educate, and encourage exploration of Oregon for those kids who lack the opportunities to see places like Silver Falls, the Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, etc. I played soccer on the Concordia Women’s soccer team during my four years and, while I no longer play competitively, you can still find me playing on indoor and outdoor women and coed teams. Can’t give up the game!” Cross-end-article-symbol