Photo of Kari Baxter and her new Mercedes Benz

Kari Baxter, MBA ’11, took a job in administration at a local law school after completing her MBA at Concordia. Along with her day job, she decided to also try her entrepreneurial hand at starting a small side business in network marketing with a Swiss-based health and wellness company called Arbonne. She writes, “In 20 short months, I was able to grow that small business into the top 2% globally. As of June 1, I became a regional vice president, which comes with a complimentary white Mercedes. The car was presented to me by top leaders at a celebration in Portland on July 8. This promotion and business enable me to move forward with a life of helping many. I am working on a book for parents raising children with disabilities, I am being offered speaking opportunities, I’m helping dozens of others through business coaching, and I’m living a life filled with personal development and living with purpose!  The business tools, ethics, strategies, and drive that I learned through my experience at Concordia have helped me to see my future with a bigger score, to understand the power of passion, and to combine both grit and determination to make anything happen. I would love to share more!” Cross-end-article-symbol