Photo of Kathy Kohl Strade

Kathy (Kohl) Strade, JC ’67, passed away on May 30, 2017, after a valiant battle with ampullary cancer. Kathy was born in Watertown, WI, on November 30, 1946. Daughter of a pastor/missionary, she moved around her whole life, making friends at each stop. She lived in many towns in Africa, Wisconsin, and Montana before settling in Portland. The two years she spent in Africa were some of her most cherished. There she and her brothers John and Jim raised monkeys, visited leprosy colonies, enjoyed local foods – sugar cane from the fields, grasshoppers cooked over a fire by the locals, peanuts grown in their garden – and attended the church where their mother Dorothy played the organ and their father John preached through an interpreter. Kathy’s father died when she was 10. Her mother eventually married Chuck, and the family was later blessed with a new sister. Kathy met her husband-to-be, Bruce, while attending Concordia College in Portland, after leaving nursing school in St. Louis. Though she’d intended to marry “a lumberjack or investment banker,” she married a Lutheran minister, just like generations of family before her! They had three children. Kathy joined the workforce when her youngest was 6 months old. She started at Benjamin Franklin Saving & Loan as a bank teller and supervisor, before leaving to join a financial services firm and eventually work as a hedge fund executive and partner. Her titles and accomplishments are many: pig-calling champion, Miss Hamilton Montana, a successful career in financial services, a second mother to many, and a best friend to her children. Known for her warmth and radiant smile, Kathy was loved by all who knew her and is grieved by a long list of friends, as well as her husband of 50 years, Bruce; her adored children, Stephanie, Stacey, and Sean; and her beloved grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her best friend/mother, Dorothy; her fathers, John and Chuck; and her brother, Jim. She is survived by her brother John and sister Julie.