Leonard “Nick” Warneke, HS ’47, died peacefully on March 17, 2017, five months after Norma, his wife of 66 years. Born in Pueblo, CO, in 1928, to Pauline and Arthur Warneke, Leonard headed west with his parents and siblings, ultimately stopping in Portland, where he would live from age 8 to 88. The third Leonard in his class, Warneke was given the nickname “Nick” at school. He attended Trinity Grade School, Jefferson High School, Concordia College, and Vanport (later known as Portland State). He literally lost his shorts in the Vanport flood when his gym locker was flooded. Nick married Norma Muhly in 1950. They lived in their north Portland home for about 40 years, raising their three children. The family enjoyed boating, skiing, fishing, camping, motorcycling, hunting, and going to Disneyland. Known as “Len” within the post office, Nick became a letter carrier in 1946; he worked at the Kenton post office for years before transferring to the main building downtown. Sometimes juggling three jobs at once, which included owning a laundromat and running a maintenance business, Nick worked over 38 years before retiring from the USPS. Nick and Norma traveled extensively after retirement, and the love birds became snow birds at Desert Hot Springs every December 26th. They remained dedicated to their Trinity Lutheran Church and friends throughout their lives. Nick was preceded in death by his sons Greg and Jeff. He is survived by his daughters Joyce Lewis and Debbie Choruby, daughter-in-law Linda, sisters Barbara, Donna, and Phyllis, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.