Vacation photo of Sherry Eggers

Sherry (Griesse) Eggers, JC ’68 (2nd from left in photo above), former Concordia High School faculty, retired officially this year after 35 years of teaching in several Oregon schools, including Zion Lutheran in Corvallis, Concordia High School/Portland Lutheran High School in Portland, and in the North Clackamas School District, from which she retired twice. She served for four years on the Science Content & Assessment panel for the Oregon Department of Education. Sherry enjoys volunteer ushering at several Portland theaters, quilting, kayaking, golfing, volunteering at the library in Prineville and, with her first grandchild born April of this year, being a grandparent. Sherry is married to Dave Eggers, who attended Concordia High School his junior year. “The photo shown here was taken during a retirement celebration trip with longtime friends (L-R): current Concordia faculty Dr. Julie Rowland, Sherry Eggers, former Concordia faculty Dr. Marilyn (Mo) Moehlenkamp, and Dr. Eunice Eifert. Mo and Eunice both recently retired from Concordia University Chicago.Cross-end-article-symbol